Our Stories

Sultana has over twenty year’s experience of effective practice facilitating in the UK and abroad. She has inspired people from all backgrounds and age to develop and leverage all their capabilities.

As a coach, Sultana is passionate about facilitating excellence through non-directive coaching. Her approach focuses on the ‘whole’ person and their own abilities to realise and reach their full-potential. Her passion to support self-empowerment and self-truth encourages individuals to live an authentic life in well-being and balance.

Being a certified Executive Leadership Coach with an educationalist background of Philosophy and Ethics, Sultana has developed many effective programmes that are uniquely designed for organisations and individuals. Her philosophical approach combines Socrates belief that the answer to any question can be found from within and Aristotle’s vision of true happiness and well-being comes through practices and developing virtues.

Over the years, Sultana has successfully designed various retreat programmes that offer a holistic approach to balancing the mind, body and spirit through specialised innovative crafted sessions. She uses an innovative approach that applies powerful collaboration that is solution focused and results oriented for self-directed learning, personal growth to create a work-life balance.

Her extensive travels and experience of living and studying with exceptionally renowned women scholars from around the Muslim World has inspired Sultana to create an exclusive women’s retreat for ihsan. This programme applies focus on Islamic principles that use the key concepts of the prophetic teachings of Islam, Iman and ihsan; combining it with coaching skills to optimise beliefs, values, skills to acquire true purpose in life with authenticity.



“A desire to heal myself long ago led me into the world of alternatives, spirituality and healing; starting with nutritional therapy and flower essences to homeopathy and much more. I have had wonderful teachers and mentors, however the most outstanding lessons of all have been taught to me by my patients. Having treated many thousands has taught me that health is a journey rather than one destination. We all arrive but our own pace; the end goal remains what is felt and needed in the present moment to live our best life as we were designed to when born into this world’.

Niloofar has over twenty year’s experience in holistic health, both in the UK and internationally. She has travelled extensively to learn from masters in the holistic healing world with a passion to transmit the knowledge gained to multitude of families world-wide which has resulted in the healing of many health complaints some of which she has documented in her blogs. She is often invited to carry out workshops and private consultation across the world; her main passion is empowering and enabling families to own their health and lives in turn.

  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Spirituality & Healing
  • Flower Essences
  • Homeopathy
  • Prophetic Nutrition
Area of expertise
  • Hormones
  • Stress
  • Allergies
  • Immunity
  • Toxicity