Date : May - 11 - 2018
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Surgery under Anaesthesia or Homeopathic sugar pills ? A case study

Lucy walked into my clinic with her little girl and in a typical South American tone told me I had three days to fix her sinus or she would go to surgery! No pressure I said and bargained for a 7 day reprieve on surgery instead.

The doctor had told her that nothing but nasal surgery could help her breathe . She is a typical victim of corticosteroid nasal sprays that for sure help many breathe but wreak havoc with the inside of the nasal mucosa, in Lucy’s case causing nasal septum perforation (small holes in the wall between the nostrils). Hers were ulcerated and painful. She still couldn’t breathe and most nights would be woken from suffocation. Sadly her little girl also suffered from chronic atopic rhinitis, hence the dual consultations.

A caring friend referred her to me and promised that Niloofar would fix it! Fortunately for me, it was a straightforward prescription. I couldn’t bring myself to recommend a dairy/gluten free 7 days-diet along with other remedies as I usually do with sinusitis/atopic patients because of her profession as a birthday cake baker. Sugar pills would have to do.

Calcarea-carbonica 200c alongside Narayani Sinus Mix was prescribed to take daily. Lucy was asked to only come in after 7 days if there was no relief.

Two months passed and no news reached me until Lucy referred another sinus patient. Needless to say, four years on and no operation was ever undertaken and all pharmaceutical meds have been discontinued in this family of bakers. Happiness really is a piece of cake!

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