Date : Mar - 16 - 2018

Thought for the Day – The Inner Critic!

I needed to completely change my schedule yesterday & today for very good reasons.  However, what has intrigued me today is waking up with a slight feeling of discomfort! On further inspection (!) I am aware that this is because there is still a lingering voice in my head conditioned with the ‘should’, ought to’, ‘must’, ‘have got to’ messages!

So I have reinforced the message ‘I am in control of what I choose to do EVERY day’! which has got rid of any discomfort.

This leads me on to looking at what we decide to do in our lives. If we choose NOT to do something, that is OK! There is only one way to live a life and that is your way THAT WORKS!

What is so important is to be comfortable with the decisions we make and to silence the inner critic.

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